🌀 Lately do you feel like you’ve hit a wall?

🌀 Know you need to make changes to get to the next level but “too busy” to make changes?

🌀 Is everything from your relationships to your health taking the hit lately?

🌀 Do you feel, despite trying, that you haven’t been able to experience happiness in your recent successes?

You know that there has got to be an easier way,

a way more rich in harmony than hustle,

more flow than fear,

more health, and happiness, and honour,

and one thing is for sure,

you’re unwilling for things to stay this way for years to come.

When we reach this point when we don’t know what to do with all the “to-dos”

that never seem to make us feel any more fulfilled,

its time to ask this sacred question.

“Do my days match the vision I have for my life?”


At 37 years old after having four kids, juggling a job, home life and life stressors I found myself overwhelmed, guilt ridden that I couldn’t get the “balance” right and caught up in my own head. I had lost a sense of who I was as a woman, as an individual as me. I started working with Stacey and in the past few months I have started to feel my passion and my drive for life come back. I love being a wife and a mum but I had missed also being me. Stacey comes from a place of genuine care, non judgement, trust and open curiosity. Her knowledge and her skill in helping me navigate through this time in my life has been invaluable. I am now studying again, taking time for myself and in turn noticing positive shifts in my relationships and outlook on life. For any one seeking support from a coach I encourage you to speak with Stacey.

Sky Steele

I found Stacey at a time in my life where I was transitioning into the entrepreneurial space from my 9-5 lifestyle. She has helped me grow immensely. Stacey has this unique ability to dive deep into the root of the issue so you can step into your goals and dreams confidently. She has been my champion throughout our one on one coaching, consistently holding space for me in times of confusion and doubt which as an entrepreneur you are constantly faced with. One of the most profound changes she has supported me through is owning my femininity as a woman and helping me cultivate and own the parts of me that I have been afraid to reveal to the world. Her profound insight as a coach is a game changer.



Hey Lady, I’m Stacey Rae and I’m a Women’s Wellbeing and Performance Coach, Writer, and Podcaster specializing in unravelling the things (oh there are so many things) that we as women put in the way of our complete and utter fulfillment. I spent a TON of years as a stressed out and yet seemingly successful entrepreneur, while behind the scenes living on coffee and despising my calendar. Being a high performing woman gets to be SO much more fun than that. In fact, Ive made it my life work to make sure you get that, you receive that, you act on that and create a life that truly lights you up. The world needs your gifts way too much to have you bogged down in “life stuff” while missing out on the fullness of it.

From holistic health strategies that have you more energized than ever, to hacking high level change, to self image, stress resilience, deep unlearning of the pressure and burn out we’ve been sold on, to understanding women’s unique needs in wellbeing and more, I find the leading edge conversations and put them to the test to explore what truly makes us tick better and how to forge a path of our soul work while also living our most grounded, empowered, and fulfilling lives. In other words, let’s rub shoulders so I can teach you my ways.

Coaching with me is deep personal work and not a one-size fits all approach,

however our work will likely include . . .

 ✔ Reconnecting YOU with YOU and Tapping into Your MOJO

 ✔ 10x-ing your Awareness so you can say GOODBYE to the Self Defeating Thoughts

✔ Simplifying, Clarifying, Decluttering, Prioritizing, and Designing a Daily Plan that Works for YOU

✔  Creating a Customized Health Strategy that Honours your Deepest Needs and Lights You Up from the Inside

✔ Putting an End to Self Sabotage Patterns + Installing Habits and Routines you LOVE

 ✔ Creating Sustainable Solutions to Disharmonies in your Life

✔ Releasing Anxiousness, Overthinking, and Insecurities

✔ Strategizing your Highest Level Mental Clarity and Overall Performance – its time to SHINE.

✔ Reconnecting with your Body, your Cycles, and your Feminine Flow

✔ Unraveling your Power that may be Caught up in Past Experiences, Guilt and, Regrets

Simply put…we connect the dots and support you into the next level of your life.


When I hired Stacey as my coach, I wanted to boost my confidence and start my own business (that I had been procrastinating on for 3 years!) Now 4 months later, I have done so much more than that. I’m in a loving relationship, I started the business I’ve always wanted, and I am finally free of the insecurities that used to run my life.

Kristen B


“When I began my coaching journey with Stacey, I could feel her calm & confident energy in everything she said. She is so insightful; she will pick up on the tiniest thing you’ve said and reveal your blockage and gracefully help you breakthrough it. Working with Stacey is a game changer!”

Amanda Rae


How to Know Coaching with Stacey Rae is Right for You.

Pssst….its right for any lady who’s willing and ready to choose this for themselves.
No one “needs” this kind of coaching, they want coaching.


✔ You are craving a judgement free + confidential space to get to root of things, gain clarity, and move forward…pronto.

✔ You mean business. You want to shine, get out there, be at the top of your game, and access peak levels of your creativity and fulfillment.

✔ You are tired of not feeling sure of yourself. You are tired of not feeling good. You’re tired. And the pain of self doubt and self criticism are a little bit louder lately.

You’re stressed and have a to-do list the size of your arm. You want clarity and accountability to hack the next steps and actually make a difference to your current circumstances.

✔ You lack a clear vision for your life or it’s so big it overwhelms you. It’s time to know what you want and know how to achieve it.

✔ You are making choices that just don’t make you feel good. Yet…you keep making them.

You are overwhelmed, burnt out on the regular, and/or unclear on what actions to take. Ps – and TIRED.

✔ You are craving more passion + purpose in your life. Bring on the full life feel-good fulfillment!

✔ Because, support. And because, you deserve it. And because, why not try something different?


“I absolutely love working with Stacey. She is gentle, patient and quite possibly the least judgemental person I have ever met. She is an incredible listener and always knows when to lend a shoulder to cry on or give a loving nudge toward action. She is one bad ass woman in the best way possible and I have no doubt that you will be glad that you chose to have her on your team.”

Chelsea H

Working with Stacey has been an experience that I will never forget.  I have felt her challenge my doubts, and push me out of my comfort zone towards my potential. Stacey’s unique interpretation of life’s obstacles encourages the people around her to take a step back and take a look at the big picture. Stacey fully encompasses what she teaches to her clients and is an impressive support system to have in your corner. I have seen great value in my time with Stacey and I am truly grateful for all the knowledge she has shared with me. Thank you, Stacey!

Sarah B

“Stacey has an amazing ability to drop me in to a heart centred place of clarity, within a very short amount of time (like minutes). Within one session, she created a space for me to discover (or re-discover), the infinite abundance within myself.”

Lindsey B

“Working with Stacey is powerful. She has a beautiful way of helping you see your whole self without any judgement, and make vital and doable commitments that have helped me personally shift the areas of my life that needed it most. Her fierce and fabulous style of coaching has allowed me to gain value and new insights I never would have known existed without her. I always leave her calls feeling fantastic, deeply moved and inspired. She helps me stay motivated to keep shining and expanding to reach my own perfect possibilities. If you have an opportunity to work with Stacey Rae, please don’t miss it!” www.VickiHolleman.com

Vicki Holleman