Smart Supplements for Ladypreneurs

written by Stacey Rae September 10, 2018


I almost called this post “supplements that made me smarter” and I still kinda want to. This list has quite literally up-levelled my work life. And of course, that impacts personal life so basically we are talkin’ about LIFE.

For many years entrepreneurship has been the pace for me and when this collided with the holistic health world and I realized that probiotics kept me happier and more focused throughout the day, it turned over a leaf I just couldn’t turn back.

From fats, to herbs, to the ways your eyes get treated, to how you honour and harmonize your needs, there are ways to undoubtedly upgrade your biology and show up more attuned to the vibe you want on a daily basis.

What does it take for REAL LIFE improvements to our creative problem solving, overall moods, non-jittery clean burning energy, and likely the most sneaky and sought after, our fierce friend….FOCUS?


Here are the best natural supplements I’ve personally come across for these upgrades.


While we all need something a little different to “top up” the tank, take note what your main goals are and where you believe your “weakness” is. This makes choosing a supplement strategy so much more effective.

Please note :: If you’re thinking “ill just take a pill and suddenly be a better human” please take a breath. You’re not a problem to fix, you’re already perfect, we are just smoothing any edges you feel in your life these days. No one needs smart supplements, you want them.

Please also note :: Healthy lifestyle practices like eating highly nourishing and easy to digest meals regularly, drinking water, taking multi vitamins and suitable supplements, detoxifying regularly, getting a great sleep, breathing deep, laughing daily, moving your body like you mean it, these are all ways of honouring and up-leveling in sustainable ways. Please put these in place before bringing these on board.


“Scientists have discovered that the more we resist temptation, think deeply, or focus intensely, the better we become at doing”

Brad Stulberg


Now for the fav’s ….


AlphaBrain by Onnit : a stand alone smart supplement, this one is brilliant. With zero caffeine I find this is more effective at actually supporting mental patterns like memory, problem solving, and moods without the jitters or cloudy lines of what is actually just caffeine. Clean ingredients and overall heightened mental function makes it a great addition for most people. All natural, if you’re wanting something to give a gentle kick in the ass to get your work done, I recommend it. Overall, I notice an improvement in speech, thinking speed, and memory. Shop AlphaBrain here.


Holy Basil : a big symptom of procrastination and lack of focus is anxiety and overthinking. This sweet (not really, it tastes like hay) herb is perfect for calming the nerves and offering a slightly more pleasant and content headspace. I find this especially great for those of us (where my ladies at?) that experience anxiety during Luteal phase of their cycles. Think soothing but not tired. Its a cool combo. Capsules are recommended because….who likes hay? I like this one.


FourSigmatic : I basically gave up regular coffee for four sigmatic because I can feel the difference in my nervous system within a few sips. If you’re looking for heightened mental clarity with a dose of caffeine try their coffee blends, I also really enjoy the Lions Mane stand alone mushroom extract. EPIC for focus, problem solving, and creative work. If you don’t have the best diet, and you’re looking for something to kinda round off your diet with added nutrition and antioxidants, this could be a great direction for you. Explore the varieties here.


TruBrain Capsules : this is for the unwavering girl boss. You mean business, you need to show up big time, and you need that loving kick in the ass to do it. This stuff is a little less on the entirely natural side with some added nootropics like piracetam. None the less, its superb and safe in its formulation and I’ve noticed a clear creative “happy” focus from this with what seemed like a lengthened amount of it throughout the day. The boxes come with a “boost” for those days where you need to blow people away with your womanly super powers. Shop TruBrain here.


Fish Oil : Foundational, this is something you DO NOT want to sleep on if you’re after increased brain power or health in general. Offering up anti inflammatory properties and of course a dose of fats for your brain, its a foundational piece to your protocol for overall health and of course, brain health. I like this one.


Non GMO Lecithin : This stuff is like my secret sauce in most of my smoothies and elixirs. Providing your brain with lubricating fats, its been suggested that it speeds up the rate in which your brain cells can communicate. Lecithin has a long list of other health benefits but when we talk about cognitive function, this stuff can’t be left out. Overall wellbeing and cognitive nourishment. I use a Sunflower Lecithin like this one.


MCT Oil : We know that fats help our brains function. So do your damn brain a favour and offer up some high quality, easy to utilize fats for the taking. I sprinkle this on everything, drink it in my coffees (see instastories for this madness) and use it in everything from desserts (sugar free of course) to soups. This one is my fav.


With so many smart supplements hitting the market all the time, I hope these cut through the fluff, and bring some new ideas to your daily performance protocol.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or shoot me a note.

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