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Hey, Girlfriend.

Do you say things like “where does the time go?” or “when I get there Ill take better care of myself.”

I’ve been a highly ambitious person for the majority of my life. I’m incredibly focused on mindset, habits, and setting powerful goals. And in that, I spent a long time focused solely forward.

I prolonged happiness. I put more value on hustle. I said if ________, then __________. I allowed my goals to hold my entire vision, loosing sight of the present often keeping the future, you guessed it, in the future.

Something that changed my life was remembering that goals are rarely about the action and so much more about the becoming and being of the person that chooses that in our lives.

Beneath the neatly written out goals are a feeling we believe that thing will provide.

So we can practice dropping into that feeling today and still create the thing. In fact, its just more effective that way.

If we focus on BEING that person, feeling the way we want to feel, embodying the vision we have, practicing it moment by moment, we naturally create that experience. We become more present to what is, not just what we believe these future experiences will hold.

This chat is ALL about it.

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Travel Tips Sayulita, Stacey Rae

Some places just steal a little (or big) corner of your heart and you only feel complete when you’re there again. Sayulita, Mexico is one of those places for me. It’s brightly decorated streets, the freshly pressed juices, the taco stands, beaches, and overall surf town vibe, is nothing short of a dream.

My first visit was in 2016 with Antonio. We had flown into Puerto Vallarta for a vacay in an all inclusive with a recommendation from a friend to check out this spot only 45 mins away called Sayulita. An easy car rental from the hotel and a swift drive through the jungle later, we found ourselves exploring what felt like a best kept secret.

Fast forward to 2018, and this still magical city is a just little more bustling with everyone having “heard about it from a friend”.

I was admittingly afraid that like many places that gain popularity, the overly touristed areas would become dirty or run down, start to be less safe and eventually the whole vibe would simply be off. I am extremely happy to report THIS is NOT the case with Sayulita. I was shocked to find that the beaches, the roads, the restaurants are still beaming with liveliness, and the overall vibes are still so juicy. However, if you’re thinking of a visit soon, try and avoid the major holidays as they tend to draw quite the crowd (if thats just not your thing).

Having been 3 times, all of them longer stays, and now going on 4, here are my travelling tips and must knows for embarking on an effortless adventure into this beautiful and not so secret magical haven.

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

Travel Tips Sayulita, Stacey Rae



Almost everywhere you go, people speak spanish AND english, so rest assured even if you haven’t mastered Espagnol, you’ll still find it pretty workable. Something to know about Sayulita is there are no all inclusive resorts, which trust me, you’ll love. Think, small town, chilled out vibes, and restaurants in walking distance. While there are some great boutique style hotels, there are definitely a TON of AirBnbs to make your stay like your own mexican home get away. Browse through airbnb (check out Villa Vargas), and visit some of my favourite Sayulita hotels like Oz Hotel (super comfy beds and roof top pool), or Kupuri Hotel (lovely safe tropical enclosed hotel in the heart of sayulita), or El Pueblito (fav – more like home than a hotel) for a great stay. 

Note that the closer you are to the town centre, the louder it will be at night! Look at the map and use Chocobanana (right in the centre of town) as the guide.  If you’re within a block radius to that place, you won’t be getting much sleep.

WIFI : If you’re a digital nomad or just like a good signal, ask the hotels or airbnbs in advance (or read their reviews) to make sure their wifi capabilities will work for you. I found some of them boast wifi but then it barely works. If you’re planning to stream video or do things like FB live, you’ll want to make sure things are working good for you. 




Seriously though, the food. Okay so you can expect a pretty great variety besides solely mexican eats. Some of the better italian food I’ve had was here, great coffees, green juices, delicious smoothies, and poke bowls. Think, fresh. Everywhere.

Do yourself a favour and pick up some Al Pastor tacos right at the entrance to Sayulita (the only place Ill eat tacos there). Grab a quick (and healthy) breakfast at ChocoBanana, a very well known, all day breakfast joint right in the heart of the town AND try their Green Goddess Juice or Almond Milk Cappuccino, its delicious. Rustica, right across the street is known for their fire oven pizzas, fresh pasta and delicious coffees (with coconut milk for my fellow dairy free peeps). Wakika Helanderia basically has the best selection of popsicles I’ve ever seen including what quickly became my favourite – pineapple, walnut, celery, cucumber. SO, so good and refreshing for those hot days. Pick up a superfood smoothie, poke bowl, or juice from Organiki, my absolutely favourite spot.

One of my other favourite things to eat in Mexico is the fresh fruit. Find fruit stands on the side of streets with large containers of mangos, papaya, pineapple, even cucumber, topped with lime and chile (I ask for no salt – just a preference).

As a general rule of thumb, don’t eat at restaurants that don’t have other people eating there. The less food they serve, the slower the turn over, and you guessed it, the more chance of getting well… no details needed.

Water. The most talked about when it comes to Mexican adventures. No, you will not be drinking the tap water. Yes, there is bottled water everywhere. Here’s the thing, I personally find it challenging to be using bottles all the time.. its just so damn bad for the environment and our bodies. So if you’re staying in an air bnb, you can usually find the larger jugs of water, or just purchase one for the week and use your own refillable water bottle! You will be mega thirsty with the heat so stay hydrated!




Okay, so this is a very common concern in Mexico. The first few days we were in Puerto Vallarta, we made the mistake of eating some “bad” prawns. We spent the next 24 hours in a dance to share the toilet. Learn from our mistake. Here are some tips to avoid the unnecessary and unfortunate occurrence of the mexico belly.

+ Be mindful to eat at busy restaurants. Use your common sense when choosing foods from food carts and use lots of lime on foods to help combat bacteria.

+ When ordering prawns always ask for them “Mariposa” – this means they are opening them right up and cleaning them to make sure there is no bacteria caught in the vein.

+ Bring Activated Charcoal – if you think you ate something bad, take lots immediately! And bring a good diarrhea medication (just in case).

If you want to get really thorough, rinse your mouth out after brushing your teeth. I just used tap water to brush, and then a swig of filtered water to rinse my mouth and I was fine.




Golf carts are THE form of transportation in Sayulita (so fun) – look for some air bnbs that include them and if you rent them in the city always push for a lower price. They seem to start high with their prices and usually are open to bargaining. If you’re staying right in the heart of the city, you likely will be able to walk everywhere, but they are super fun to get around more quickly. 

For car rentals, we have used Enterprise in Puerto Vallarta and they were great! Just opt for a small car as the roads are quite narrow in Sayulita.




Little add on, here. I had to make a few calls to businesses while in Mexico and realized it wouldn’t go through. You can dial almost any toll free number but theres a catch, it will no longer be free. Here are the substitutions you must make:

  • Replace 1-800 with 001-880.
  • Replace 1-888 with 001-881.
  • Replace 1-877 with 001-882.
  • Replace 1-866 with 001-883.
  • Replace 1-855 with 001-884.

So, if you wanted to call 1-800-123-4567 from Mexico, you’d dial 001-880-123-4567.



Okay, we have all been on a trip only to arrive and think “UGH, I forgot ______.”

Here are the must brings for your Sayulita adventure.

+ Smaller suitcases. So this is more personal preference but if you’re only going to Sayulita for short visit (week or so) you may find that your big ass suitcases are just not that easy to get around. Keeping in mind that the roads are quite bumpy and the hills are quite steep.  I’ve a couple times felt extraordinarily high maintenance in this small surf town lugging huge luggage. You’ll likely end up only wearing half of what you pack anyways. You got this, girl.

+ Bathing suitS. Yes I said suits with an S. You’re likely going to swim, surf, or sunbathe plenty and having extras is best. 

+ Sunscreen – the pickings are slim here, so you can expect to find the typical brands. If you don’t like to put toxic stuffs on your skin, you’re going to want to bring your own. 

+ Mosquito repellent –  The mosquitos in mexico are like mini stealth mode, so just do ourself a favour and bring it. Depending on the season, sometimes its worse than other times, but if you’re prone to bites, you will thank me later. Especially useful for evenings out for dinner in the open air. Because, I know you want to wear your pretty dress.

+ Probiotics and/or fibre – you’re going to mexico, you will be eating different food and the last thing you want is feeling hella bloated all day on the beach, so bring these and save yourself. I like these for their convenience and they are shelf stable.

+ Flat shoes – while it’s fun to go out in your flimsy heels, this may not be the place for it. With its rocky cobble stone streets and high hills, you’re gonna want your flats. Its incredibly dusty in Sayulita (mexico in general) so things like white cloth shoes are a NO. You’ll be washing your feet a few times a day if you’re wearing sandals.

+ BB cream – this is likely redundant but between the humidity and the sun, you’re not going to want to wear heavy foundations. 

PSSSST – WANT TO SURF? Go talk to our friend, Sergio at Sayulita Surf School located right on the main beach! Tell him, Stacey & Antonio sent you!


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